Marketing Automation – These are the benefits of lead nurturing

Marketing Automation – These are the benefits of lead nurturing

Generating leads that are mainly ready to buy and suitable for your company and at the same time save costs: We are talking about lead nurturing. Marketing automation sends a series of emails with relevant content to previously generated contacts or leads. This separates qualified leads from less qualified leads and ensures that only qualified leads are passed on to the sales team. Lead nurturing optimizes almost the entire inbound marketing process. But what exactly is it all about and what are the advantages of lead nurturing?

What exactly is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the promotion, maintenance and management of customer contacts. With lead nurturing, you send an automated sequence of emails to leads early in the sales cycle to qualify them for promotion to later stages. – HubSpot

Lead nurturing is based on the customer journey that every potential customer goes through in inbound marketing before deciding on a product or service.

Depending on the phase in which a contact is currently located, he is assigned to various e-mail process chains or workflows and receives a series of relevant, personalized marketing e-mails in an automated sequence. Their content is tailored to the interests of the potential customer at a specific point in time.

The targeted process of lead nurturing brings the potential customer further in the purchase process in order to finally convince him of your own company and turn him into a customer.

The lead nurturing process as a funnel

The funnel is one possible representation of the process previously described. At its upper end is the new contact or lead, which is classified in a suitable e-mail workflow based on the information available about it.

If you then interact with the lead and express interest in your company or your product, you have won a qualified lead. This is passed on to the sales team, which in turn continues the lead in the funnel until, in the best-case scenario, a deal is concluded.

You can read here how to best approach this lead handover .

olThe lead nurturing process as a flywheel

This visualization makes it clear that successful customer acquisition is not the end of the lead nurturing process and that there is basically no end. Ideally, customers will become advocates or promoters and help to generate new contacts and leads.

In addition, your customers will ideally be enthusiastic about other products or services of your company. The energy that you expended at the beginning of the lead nurturing process is not lost.

With lead nurturing you promote, maintain and manage your customer contacts – and your investment in these contacts. Read a summary of what it means for your company if you not only generate contacts, but also automatically maintain them and develop them further in a targeted manner:

The Tangible Benefits of Lead Nurturing

Timely follow-ups through marketing automation

The best time to engage with your leads is right after they’ve provided you with their details. Despite this, many companies still take too long to contact their leads .

With automated lead nurturing, the first follow-up email is sent to the lead immediately after data entry, giving you the best chance of winning over the lead.

Uniform communication with your target group

Leads state that they want ongoing and relevant communication before committing to a vendor. Active interaction is also important to keep in touch with interested leads.

Lead nurturing helps you approach communication in a structured way.

Personal targeting and segmentation

By dividing your leads into segments and the associated workflows, all leads are contacted according to their personal interests and problems. The individual e-mails are closely related to each other and are always adapted to the potential customer.

If you interact with the lead after sending your e-mails, you can constantly generate new information about the lead and keep your segmentation up-to-date.

Shorter sales cycles

With early segmentation, you also provide your sales team with important lead information that can significantly shorten sales cycles.

Time-saving success – is there a better way?

Opportunities for cross- and up-selling

Lead nurturing doesn’t just work for new customers. You can also send new offers to customers who have already bought something from you, thereby promoting cross- and up-selling .

Lead nurturing not only increases the chance of successful business deals, but can also increase the scope of these deals.

Generation of new leads

Lead nurturing is not only promising in relation to existing leads, it can also be used to generate new leads. Namely when your e-mails and their content are so relevant to their recipients that they pass them on. Whether to colleagues, friends or business partners.


The benefits of lead nurturing speak for themselves. The automation of the measures saves time, the personalization increases the success rate. You guide leads through the sales process with ease and ultimately increase your sales quota. Finally, when you use marketing automation software, it’s never been easier to wow customers.

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