Facebook Lead Ads: How to get more leads with Facebook

Facebook Lead Ads: How to get more leads with Facebook

Lead generation is often at the heart of inbound marketing. Although lead generation is so important, it still represents a major challenge for companies. Social media in particular offers many opportunities to acquire leads. One of them is the Facebook Lead Ads. Read here how you can use it to generate leads quickly and effectively, which can then become your customers:

The first step in lead generation is content creation. You promote this content on social media to attract traffic to your site. If the content is helpful for your visitors, they will ideally leave you their personal data with CTAs or forms at the end of a blog article. 

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With this transition from visitor to lead, each user gives you valuable data that you can use to align your subsequent workflows. 

Facebook Lead Ads skip all intermediate steps and forward the reader directly from a Facebook ad to a form. In this way, the workflows can be started faster and customers can be won.

But what are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are a form of paid advertising on Facebook. By clicking on the offer, users immediately see a form with which they can use the offer. The following content can be offered, for example: 

  • request for further information
  • Sign up for your company’s newsletter
  • Download a white paper 
  • Arranging a personal appointment

The form is already filled out with the user’s personal data that he has shared with Facebook, such as name or email address. However, the pre-filled data can also be changed if the user so wishes. The feature makes input easier and faster. The reader is additionally motivated by the fact that it is easier to fill out and send off the form.

What is the potential of the ads?

Users are spending more and more time with their mobile devices, the smartphone is the most popular device for surfing. That is why the Facebook Lead Ads are also optimized for mobile devices. This allows the ads to be used from any location and increases the likelihood that users will fill out the forms and become leads.

With Facebook Leads Ads you can not only use the reach of Facebook, but also that of Instagram to attract new leads. 

In addition, you can use the target group selection with the ads to reach exactly those users who match your persona and from whom you expect an interest in your company or your offer. This allows you to generate qualified leads directly. 

The forms can be individually designed so that you can request specific information that is important to you. In this way you increase the attractiveness of the form for the user. 

As soon as the lead is generated, it can be qualified using its data and assigned to existing workflows.

Tips for getting more leads on Facebook

Use these tips to get more leads on Facebook: 

1. Clearly highlight benefits 

On the Internet, users’ attention spans tend to be short. The Facebook Ads adapt to this with their simple and fast process. When designing your ad, make sure that it is brief and clearly emphasize the benefits. After all, you want to present the user with the benefits of becoming a lead.

2. Use target group selection 

Use the target group selection to optimally reach your persona. With the “Lookalike Audiences” feature , Facebook shows ads to users whose characteristics are similar to those of your target group. 

3. Run A/B tests 

As soon as you go online with a new campaign, you should definitely plan to carry out so-called A/B tests . You place several ads and associated forms, each of which only differs in one thing. This allows you to quickly and easily find out what goes down well with your target group and which campaign generates the most leads.

Lead ads integration with HubSpot

The integration with HubSpot allows you to create ads and track success directly in HubSpot. You can also create audiences related to contact lists or company lists in your HubSpot CRM. This means you can reach contacts again, no matter where they are online. In addition, the data obtained is immediately synchronized with your HubSpot CRM and you can manage your new leads as usual. 


Social media marketing is an important part of inbound marketing. The Facebook Lead Ads make it even more attractive and effective thanks to their simplicity. So if you’ve been struggling with your lead generation so far, try your luck with the ads. And with the HubSpot integration, it’s even easier.

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