Consulting on digitization: making marketing, sales and service fit for the future

Consulting on digitization: making marketing, sales and service fit for the future

We have often been asked how we go about our work: Read a selected example of what we do for our customers and how we help to shape strategic and operational processes in a sustainable manner.

What we are: Marketing pioneers, strategy and management consultants, customer experts, digitization consultants, web designers

We provide strategic advice to companies at various levels, initially and continuously. Our primary goal is to implement long-term qualified processes for the digitization of the marketing and sales departments.

What we are not: An extended workbench for marketing campaigns.

At jfkcash, we don’t see ourselves as the extended workbench or implementer of marketing campaigns on a project basis. Rather, jfkcash advises B2B companies on the digitization of the marketing, sales and customer service departments and supports them permanently in the implementation. 

We work in a holistic approach and constantly ask ourselves: 

  1. What is the current status of your strategic and operational processes? What is the current status of your website?
  2. How can your processes be visualized? What optimizations are possible? 
  3. What Makes Your Business Grow? Which processes can be digitized? Which processes require other support?

Of course, this includes a great deal of specialist knowledge of the technology and architecture of your IT systems. Intensive preparatory work is important, cloud technologies and meaningful data analyzes support us.

How we proceed: Always together, always customer-centric

In a first step, we work out your goals at company or department level. We either do this together in workshops or you send us the specifications in a briefing. 

On this basis, we then put together the further procedure. This is very individual, just as each individual company requires.

Let’s look at a simple example:

Your goal is to increase traffic to your website.

The following approaches usually take place in this scenario:

  • Either you hire an SEO agency for the search engine optimization of your website 


  • You hire a performance marketing agency to create ads on search engines and/or social media. 

In the first case, you need to create a list of keywords for which the agency should optimize. This is mostly independent of the type of visitor and only qualitative. 

The success is measured, i.e. how many of these keywords come to page 1 in the Google ranking. If you’re unlucky, the agency does its job extremely well and you get an incredible number of visits to the website, but almost none of them are actually among your target customers. 

It is also not taken into account whether your desired customers are actually looking for these keywords. This is because the compilation is approached from the company’s point of view, without taking the customer’s point of view. 

But search engine optimization (SEO) is also an important part of both inbound marketing and our way of working. However, our approach 

  • in the first step, to define your desired customers – the buyer personas – with you and
  • in the second step, to develop the associated purchase process – the customer journey. 

We work out which challenges – pain points – your customers have in the individual phases of the purchase process (attention phase, consideration phase and decision phase). We then translate these pain points into the questions or entries they use to search Google or other search engines. In fact, an SEO strategy based on long-tail keywords, i.e. longer questions/sentences, is more effective than operating with generic keywords.

Then we – or you with our support – create content that fits the individual phases of the customer journey. So we edit the questions and challenges of your desired customers in blog articles and on landing pages so that Google can send you qualified visitors to the site. 

We then know exactly which specific challenge a visitor has on this particular page. The advantage is that we can offer these desired customers suitable offers – conversions – such as downloading a checklist, a white paper or registering for a webinar. 

It is clear that this procedure to get contacts – leads – is much more time-consuming than a search engine ad that can be implemented at short notice. However, these contacts are also very valuable, relevant and long-term and without follow-up costs for media spending. 

What sets us apart: We work holistically, strategically and in a trend-setting manner

We not only work out the strategy and implementation with you, but also check and measure your success over time, find new topics for the blog’s editorial meetings and develop better and better download offers over time in order to optimize conversions. 

Of course, this always takes place in close cooperation with you and your marketing or sales goals.

And that brings us to the next steps in our approach. Normally, the project work of the SEO or performance marketing campaign would now be completed, but we are just getting started. 

Digitization: We are partners for future-oriented technologies as well as for the inbound method

In our monthly strategy meetings, we consider whether the traffic is now sufficient or whether it would be better to turn to the conversions, since too few leads are being generated. Or is your sales team not satisfied with the quality of your leads? Then we turn the content screw to bring better visitors to your site. 

This takes place in constant exchange, which is why we strive for long-term cooperation: Only then can our work be felt. 

And only then are we your sparring partner for technology and inbound methodology in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service.

Digitization: We bring all online marketing building blocks into an overall system

Due to the high number of specialists in our agency, we can provide all the necessary services for you in the implementation. In addition to the strategic component, this is also an example 

  • the creation of blog articles and landing pages
  • Support in lead generation and lead management
  • search engine optimization 
  • the design and programming of your website (which is always the focus of our work)
  • the launch or relaunch of your website in growth-driven design format
  • Design and creation of download offers (if not done by your internal graphic designers) 
  • the conception and supervision of e.g. webinars or a podcast 
  • Social media connection
  • setting up automated workflows for marketing and sales
  • E-mail campaigns, etc. …

But even if actions are necessary offline, such as a trade fair stand, we support you with digital measures: You can record leads directly at the trade fair stand, obtain the opt-in for the newsletter and send the visitor all the desired documents directly – right from the moment she or he leaves the booth. 


We work on overarching adjustment screws with our customers – our partners. This includes qualified lead management, the main coordination of marketing and sales, analytics, tracking, marketing automation, growth-driven design. The result? A positive, digital customer experience that inspires and ensures growth.

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