Website relaunch: 10 reasons why you shouldn’t delay it

Website relaunch: 10 reasons why you shouldn't delay it

A website is the linchpin of any inbound marketing strategy. Social media activities and e-mail marketing link to it, valuable content is published, downloads are made available, products are advertised. And last but not least: leads generated. And they in particular expect a website that is always technically up to date. Because qualified leads are only gained through a qualified and solution-oriented website. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 reasons why you shouldn’t delay relaunching your website.

1. A faster ROI

Even if your new site isn’t online yet, you’ve already paid for most of it. However, this investment can only bear fruit if it is also accessible to your leads. Every day that you wait longer to relaunch your website, you also wait longer for the results – the return on investment .

2. To perfection in less time

No website is perfect when it comes online. This first requires comprehensive feedback from visitors and the subsequent improvement of the points of criticism. An earlier relaunch guarantees earlier feedback and faster perfection of your website.

3. Your target audience matters

Even if you may have the feeling that your new website is addressing the entire online world – in the end it is your existing and future customers for whom your website is going online. And you should be guided by these. Even a few new features on a new website will bring your customers further than their complete absence from the old one.

4. Faster time for content development

Relaunching your website is only step 1. Step 2 is creating useful content for your visitors, which should ultimately convert them into leads and customers. And the sooner Step 1 is completed, the quicker you can tackle Step 2.

5. Get new insights immediately

Only real data tells you how successful the decisions you made in the strategic phase are. And only once your new website is live do you have access to the data that the new traffic brings with it. This is the only way to learn new things from and about your visitors.

6. No software is perfect

Have you ever witnessed a perfect fit of a new iOS version from Apple? No? We neither. No wonder, no software is perfect at the beginning. It is continuously adapted, optimized and improved. 

7. Your website is changeable

It seems an outdated, yet persistent mindset that once a piece of your marketing is renewed, that innovation is set in stone. But on the contrary: every single day after the relaunch of your website, you can make improvements to it and thus constantly develop it further. 

8. The competition never sleeps

You are not alone in the market of ideas. Your competition is also constantly improving. If you wait too long to come online with an innovation, others can preempt you and you can end up like a follower. Not the best prospects, right?

9. Waiting can mean increasing costs

The longer you hold off your new website, the more likely it is that the cost of it will increase. Technology is constantly evolving and it is not unlikely that this will require your website to be modified. In addition, new ideas to be implemented on the website can constantly arise in your team. So the longer you wait with your relaunch, the more likely it is that you won’t be able to stick to your budget.

10. Your boss expects results

Have you announced that you will be launching the new website this month? Then do it too. It’s better to celebrate the victory together than to discuss why the relaunch is being delayed.


Point eight already says it: the competition never sleeps. It is quite possible that they are already aware of the importance of launching a new website for inbound marketing. It’s good that you’ve now found ten more reasons to do the same. And now? Put your new website online!

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